What is better “drought” or “rainy season” – the percentage of moisture in dry transformer oil

Transformer oil aging results in degradation of its properties. The aging process is accelerated by influence of water, air or contaminants. Moisture and air cause the oil to oxidize, which lowers it’s dielectric strength, causes sludge deposits on transformer internal insulation and damages the insulation by the acidic products of oil decay.

Water may be present in transformer oil in various states: solved, emulsified or free. Even new oil contains solved water. Free water mostly accumulates in the lower parts of oil lines and in heat exchange devices. Water is solved in oil under the influence of high temperature. During operation water content in the oil increases, and may be extremely harmful for a transformer.

GlobeCore’s equipment allows removal of contaminants, including water, directly on energized transformers in compliance with the highest international standards.

Complete transformer oil filtration and regeneration systems are designed for full range of services to purify waste oil. The units are equipped with adsorbents for restoration of oil performance and improving its color.

According to international research, various sorbents may be used for drying of oil, as well as for retention of oil aging products. Some of the sorbent may be reactivated, which makes GlobeCore plants not only highly advanced by also very sensible in terms of return on investment.

The UVM type mobile oil plants are designed for the following operations:

  • Dehydration of oil for moisture content of no more than 10 ppm.
  • Degassing of oil to no more than 0.1% of gas content by volume.
  • Increase of dielectric strength to at least 70kV.
  • Drying of electric equipment with simultaneous oil purification.
  • Initial filling of dielectric oil into electric systems;
  • Nitrogenation of oil;
  • Vacuum evacuation of transformer and other electric systems.

GlobeCore’s plants significantly increase oil processing stability and consistency and improve oil performance.


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