Transformer Oil Purification Plant Sucessfully Commissioned in Saudi Arabia

In February this year, GlobeCore specialists commissioned a GlobeCore UVM-10 plant in Saudi Arabia that had been ordered by one of the Saudi electric generating companies.

The Saudi customer selected this equipment for a good reason.  The GlobeCore UVM-10 is a universal plant that purifies transformer insulating oil, turbine oil, industrial oil, and other types of oil.  The UVM-10 unit restores oil by removing water, gas and other various solid contaminants.

The unit has a very wide scope of uses and applications.  It can be used during installation, repairs and operation of oil filled high voltage equipment up to 1150 kV.

Additionally, the UVM-10 can heat equipment with hot oil, perform nitrogenation of transformer oil and add oil into high voltage inlet ports.

The unit features a reliable protection system that shields the unit from overloads and overheating as well as short circuiting of electric components, pumps, motors, lighting and controls.

The UVM-10 stops in case of phase skipping, incorrect phase sequencing, as well as overheating of oil or the oil heater.  Light and sound alarms alert the operator to any problems.

The unit is easy to operate and can be used either in closed buildings or in the field.

Its time to get with the Process.  The GlobeCore Process!


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