Transformer oil degassing as a part of comprehensive purification system

While operating expensive power equipment, such as compressors, turbines, hydraulic presses, heat exchangers and power transformers, unforeseen malfunctions will happen. In rare cases failures are caused by overvoltage of the grid or human mistake, since operation of power equipment is a safety issue. Equipment downtime, failures and malfunctions are most often caused by the problems of internal components or insulation. Oil of various kinds are used for servicing of different industrial machinery. As a result of contamination by solid particles or moisture and air, as well as high temperatures, equipment may fail which may stop the whole manufacturing process.

Comprehensive oil purification systems are becoming more used recently; if before industrial oil service life could be extended by separate degassing, drying and filtration systems, with totally spent oil being disposed of, now operation of comprehensive oil purification and regeneration systems becomes preferable.

Removing gas, water emulsions, and harmful oxidation products form the oil extends the service life of the expensive insulation material and ensures the power equipment is adequately protected.

Comparison of purification and regeneration plants made by different companies yields significant differences.

Most of the modern manufacturers emphasize removal of water in all forms and solid particles from turbine, compressor, hydraulic and industrial water. Removal of air, gas and volatile hydrocarbons is a secondary function.

Despite the normal production levels of such systems and their seeming versatility, there are other options with more worth.

The whole range of GlobeCore degassing, purification and regeneration of oil by GlobeCore is focused on all processes at the same time, in one pass and with reactivation of purifying media.

One full regeneration cycle of oil coming directly from power equipment allows to remove gas, water and particulate matter form the oil; it is also possible to use adsorption media to regenerate the oil entirely. GlobeCore’s sorbents offer additional savings due to the reactivation capability.

A complete GlobeCore plant for degassing, filtration and regeneration of oil and other liquids is an optimal choice of service equipment for control of production process and ruling out any unpleasant surprises.


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