TP-22C Turbine Oil: The Correct Purchasing Criteria

One of the popular search phrases in search engines is “buy TP-22C turbine oil.” Every user entering that phase into the search line is looking for a specific search result.  Some want to compare the prices, while others want to know the parameters to consider when buying this type of oil.  There is no problem with the former, any search engine will readily offer many sales offers, the latter should be discussed in mode detail.  In most cases, one must browse through several pages to find the criteria for purchasing TP-22C type oil.  The minimum quality requirements when looking to purchase TP-22C are as follows:

  • De-emulsification This is important because condensed water may enter the oil.  The oil must be able to separate out the water and moisture;
  • Anti-corrosion  Water is one of the most dangerous contaminants in terms of facilitating corrosion and rust on metal surfaces.  TP-22C type oil should be able to efffectively prevent rust and corrosion;
  • Thermal and oxidation stability  Turbines usually function with high temperatures and high speeds.  Turbine oil should be able to withstand high temperatures while remaining stable and resistant to oxidation;
  • Service life  A turbine is usually equipped with a large oil tank containing several dozen liters of turbine oil.  The effective service life of the oil should be as long as possible since purchasing new oil every year will be very costly;
  • Good filtration ability  This parameter is directly related to the previous one. The oil can work for many years if it remains free from contaminants.  The oil’s ability to maintain its purity through filtration will help to keep the oil clean.

The following GlobeCore units are recommended for the filtration and purification of turbine oil:

  • Turbine oil filtration systems CMM-T.


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