The “Sukhovey” Model by GlobeCore

The “Sukhovey” Model by GlobeCore is used to protect the solid insulation of electric power transformers from moisture.  Complicated, but also simple by design, the model remains one of the best the high-tech systems for the integrated treatment of contaminated oils and fluids anywhere in the industrialized world.

Here at GlobeCore, we believe that it is more cost effective to perform timely “Preventive Maintenance” rather than “Corrective Maintenance.”  It is usually easier and cheaper to prevent serious damage to your equipment rather than spending time and money to repair and/or replace that equipment after a major failure or breakdown.  Investments in equipment and maintenance however, need to be be justified.  So, let’s consider the possibilities and benefits of the GlobeCore “Sukhovey” model.

Over the last decade, a large number of the diversified technologies for serving oil-filled machines and equipment were developed.  Depending on the types and characteristics, there are models for pre-filtering oils, vacuum cleaning and degassing, sampling, laboratory studies, complete regeneration, lightning of fuels and many others.

The GlobeCore “Sukhovey” is designed to protect the internal solid insulation of electric power equipment.  Its mission is to clean the air that is used to remove mechanical impurities from the insulating oil tanks.

The Air-Drying unit present on the “Suhovey” is filled with an adsorbent material known as zeolite.  The unit maintains clean air by supplying it under pressure to the power unit for prevention of moisture accumulation.  It is also capable of preventing vacuum, formed by draining the oil, from interacting with potentially contaminated “outside” air.

The “Sukhovey” is composed of two adsorption blocks that are each 1 meter (1m)  in height.  The entire structure is designed so that the units works independently of each other and act as temporary replacements for the period of time it takes the zeolite materials to recover in each saturated block.

Air is supplied via a pipe to the collector where it is distributed from one of the adsorption units that contains the heated zeolite.  The air then flows through the ports to the heaters and is “ejected” under pressure through the hole at the bottom of the unit.

The “Sukhovey” is equipped with temperature sensors at both the inlet and outlet ports.  This not only allows the “Sukhovey” to provide safe and efficient control of the machine, but also to control the regeneration step of adsorbents due to the temperature differences.  The device operates with special zeolite adsorbents that are designed to absorb moisture.

The “Sukhovey” can operate continuously for up to 100 hours.  This is the maximum time during which you can choose not to enter the cyclic regeneration while using the “restore adsorbents” function.  If the model operates beyond this time it will require additional service.


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