The CMM-C Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Units

Unfortunately, in today’s industrial market place, the suppliers of insulating and lubricating oils are not able to provide the purity class necessary for trouble free servicing of oil products.  Therefore, bringing the oil’s performance up to required specifications remains an issue.

GlobeCore offers trailer mounted transformer oil purification/high vacuum degassing systems designated as the GlobeCore CMM-C line.  These technolgically advanced systems improve the oil’s performance characteristics that have become degraded due to heating and the introductioin of moisture and other unwanted contaminants.  These trailer mounted systems may also used to purify hydraulic fluid, transmission fluid, turbine oil, diesel fuels, industrial oil and other types of oils used in a wide range of industial and commercial applications.

GlobeCore’s thermal vacuum technologies remove water, gasses, and mechanical impurities from oils with a viscosity of no more than 70 cSt at 50ºС. Additionally, they may be used to vacuumize large and small transformers and vacuum fill different equipment under high or low pressure.


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