Shell Omala industrial oil: purification with mobile oil units

Shell Omala is an industrial oil made specifically for use as a lubricant in heavy duty industrial gearboxes. This oil contains no lead and is designated as an “unleaded” oil.  Shell Omala also has good Extreme Pressue (EP) performance characteristics. Due to its performance, Shell Omala can be used in gear boxes, steel gear transmissions, bearings, circulation systems, spray systems, and industrial drives requiring oils with high EP performance.

This oil is made by deep purification of the base oil stock with high viscosity and the introduction of additives with high sulfur and phosphorus content.  The phosphorus is what gives the oil its extreme pressure qualities.

Water, solids and oxidation products may enter the oil during operation of your equipment.  These undesireable contaninants can have a significant negative influence on the oil’s performance.  The manufacturer recommends to use the oil responsibly in terms of environmental protection and to submit used oil to special disposal facilities.  There are however, several problems with the disposal of used oil.  Of course, oil must be disposed of correctly to prevent environmental hazard. On the other hand, the long distance shipping of oil to disposal facilities creates unwanted costs and the potential for oil loss and spills.  (such facilities are often located in remote locations)

If the oil is rto be disposed of, then new oil will have to replace the used oil.  Buying new oil can be quite costly especially when there are several pieces of equipment that require a large volume of oil.  There are however, solutions in the market that can help resolve the above issues.

GlobeCore is a leading manufacturer and supplier of oil purification and regeneration equipment for industrial oil, turbine oil, dielectric insulating oil and other types of indutrial oil.

Oils produced and sold by Shell can be purified and regenerated using GlobeCore’s CMM-CM mobile oil purification unit or  CFU-M oil filter carts.  The CMM-CM mobile oil units are equipped with zeolite for removal of water from the industrial oils.  These units feature reactivation of the sorbent materials in the unit without having to remove and replace during processing jobs.  Using these units for regeneration and purification of industrial oil allows the equipment operator to significantly extend the service life of the industrial equipment.  The units come in noth mobile or stationary versions.

The CFU-M filter carts purify industrial oil by removing ash, free and some solved water, solid particles, as well as water soluble acids and alkali.  Equipment of this type uses a thermovacuum purification process and restores oil in one cycle.  After regeneration, the oil can be used again since it will be restored to new like condition. GloeCore’s CFU-M units are mobile, simple to operate and easy to service.


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