“Shake and look through light…”: is this rule just for wine business or for oil also?

Contaminated used oils can be used not only for cheap heating, but recuperate their original cost almost entirely. The modern methods of dehydration, degassing, purification and filtration are just as good at making money on recycling, as in keeping in trend with the now popular environmental ideas. The price of handling and disposal of used oil has been growing, along with fines imposed for environmental violations.

Solution to such problems is the new life of used oil and further profits from using it.

GlobeCore specializes in production of systems for comprehensive regeneration and purification of transformer oils. The process is based on the environmentally safe Fuller’s earth, which produces no harmful emissions and can regenerate, i.e. can be reused. Besides, the process is quite simple and does not require highly skilled operators or high tech adjustments. Using regenerated oil, which constitute about 95% of the finished product, is economically profitable.

The UVR system by GlobeCore regenerates, lightens the oil, removes degradation products, filters and purified mineral oils, diesel fuel, heavy fuel oil, gas condensate and petrochemical products. The unit partially removes paraffin and some sulfur from diesel and dark heavy oil, removes aromatics and the unpleasant smell of furnace fuel. Practically 90% of harmful substances are removed from used oil with minimal impact on the additives present in the oil.

These systems are designed for regeneration of various types of oil. The UVR systems operate with all mineral oils without the need to readjust. Unit capacity depends on viscosity and type of oil, as well as its density.

When colloid and acidic sludge is removed, along with water, gas and other contaminants, the oil’s color and transparency is restored.

The grade of purified oil is somewhat lower than that of new oils, however, the original performance of the oil and it’s influence on the oil filled system is restored. Purified oil can be applied with just about the same effect as new oil. If the quality of the source (unprocessed) oil is high enough, processed oil will also perform well. The regeneration process does not influence the primary quality specifications of the oil at all.

A certain sorbent must be used to improve the color of transformer oil, which usually occurs after finishing the full regeneration cycle. For instance, the system for lightening of heavy fuel oil by GlobeCore uses sorbent columns. The sorbent can be reactivated as many as 400 times. Besides, some systems exist, where chemically active clay is used as regenerative sorbent. This sorbent can also be reactivated.

Regenerated, lightened and filtered, the oil is in compliance with international standards and regulations.

GlobeCore’s equipment is not for disposal, but for renewal of oil. The UVR system purifies and lightens dark diesel and furnace fuel, removes some sulfur and paraffin, easily lightens gas condensate and removes resins and contaminants from it, and the product is compliant with standards and high purity class.


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