Our participation in MEE – 2013 at Dubai Convention & Exhibition Centre, Dubai, UAE

GlobeCore Company has a considerable experience in manufacture of industrial equipment for energy sector.

The product range is quite large. And it includes transformer oil treatment machinery, transformer evacuation machines, equipment to freeze impurity out of the windings, oil filling equipment, etc.

We have supplied our equipment to over 40 countries worldwide, having a Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle East, and Latin America among our markets.

We keep tracking all the new technologies which we implement in our production. We also participate in the different exhibitions. Particularly, Dubai Middle East Electricity Exhibition-2013 was attended by our representative Darina Shadad.

Darina made presentation in terms of the Exhibition to stress difference between transformer oil regeneration (reclamation) and oil purification and also core operating principles of oil regeneration plant CMM-R. This synopsis highlights transformer oil and transformer insulation.

So, what are transformer oil and insulation system?

Transformer oil also known as insulating oil is usually refined mineral oil that operates at the high temperatures and has excellent electrical insulating properties. It is used in oil-filled transformers, some types of high voltage capacitors, fluorescent lamp ballasts, and some types of high voltage switches and circuit breakers. Its functions are to insulate, suppress corona and arcing, and to serve as a coolant.

Insulation is the most important part to maintain as it`s the weakest link of any transformer. Life of insulation is the life of a transformer itself. Insulation requires early and swift attention.

In terms of regeneration it becomes extremely important to protect insulation because the insulation system makes a barrier between the oil and effects of oxygen and moisture.

In oil purification (degassing) the following oil specifications are the most important:

  1. Dielectric strength
  2. Color
  3. Flash point
  4. Interfacial tension
  5. Pour point
  6. Specific gravity
  7. Viscosity
  8. Neutralization number also known as acid number

But when it comes to regeneration more factors are involved. These factors are:

  1. Water content
  2. Ten delta also known as power factor or electrical dissipation factor.
  3. Oxidation stability
  4. PAH (poly aromatic hydrocarbons)

Regeneration does not replace purification, both of them are very important for transformer maintenance.

Purification means removal of water, gases and sludge from transformer oil.

But when oil purification or degassing is no longer effective, oil must be either changed as mostly up-to-date or regenerated going to be a perfect alternative.

Regeneration is the complete treatment of oil to “like new” condition. It is impossible to rich new oil specifications for the 20 years old oil. But “like new” conditions means correspondence with the standards disposed for the new oil. When we say that we bring 10 years old oil to “like new” conditions we mean that oil meet its specifications from 10 years ago.

A process of regeneration is enabled by Fuller’s earth sorbent. Regeneration plants are performed in two ways: skid mounted and mobile. Both of them are effective. Besides, their designs are environmentally friendly.

Today to meet regulations and to make customers feel protected, manufacturer has got to demonstrate “green” and environmentally friendly approaches. Our equipment can resolve this problem.

In GlobeСore units Fuller`s earth sorbent can be reactivated. As result there’s no need to spend money for utilization of exhausted sorbent.

Operation can be done by only operator.

Also, there’s no need to de-energize a transformer. CMM-R plant can treat a transformer online. As result the customer gets:

  • Energized transformer= no money loss
  • Low labor cost
  • No transportation
  • No risk of PCB or silicone cross contamination
  • No need to buy new oil
  • No environmental contamination
  • No atmospheric discharge

 Facts speak for themselves. You need only to make your choice.


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