Mobile Oil Station SMM 6-4 (6-4 SMM-N)

Purification Systems for insulating fluids and oils include a number of different specialized pieces of equipment.  Previously in the oil processing industry,  many different sets of fragmented components and tools were used to complete oil cleaning, purification and recovery.

In today’s market, such models are becoming stand alone products.  Moreover, the systems for oil purification and regeneration have evolved into single integrated processing systems.  There still remain some differences depending on the subspecies, but continue to perform the essential functions of oil processing by providing high-quality filtering and restoration of the original characteristics of the insulating oils.

GlobeCore equipment covers a wide assortment of devices that are popular among most electric power plants and and other assorted industries.  The different GlobeCore models are presented as specific purposed products and GlobeCore offers complex integrated systems for the domestic and foreign markets.

Among GlobeCore’s complex systems is the SMM Mobile Oil Station.  The SMM station has become one of the most popular oil processing systems used by domestic and foreign companies in the world today.

Each year GlobeCore’s selection of oil processing equipment increases.  Two of the latest developments have been the GlobeCore SMM 6-4 (without oil pump unit) and the SMM 6-4 N (with oil pump unit NMSH 8-25-6.3/2.5-10).

The new units are completely automated and are designed for use as a stand-alone units or as a major component when combined with other insulating oil processing equipment.  The SMM-6-4 is used to thoroughly clean dielectric insulating oils by removing contaminates and mechanical impurities.  The viscosity of the oils and fluids being treated can not exceed 7.3-280 mm2/s at a temperature of 50°C/122°F.

One of the distinctive features of the SMM system is the presence of two branches in the filtration system.  Unprocessed oil can flow through both branches at the same time, or through only one branch if the filter in the twin branch needs replacing.  Thus, there can be a continuous uninterrupted filtration process.  The “fineness” of the filters depends on the individual needs of the company and individual adjustments made by the equipment user.

The main technical characteristics of the SMM 6-4 and SMM 6-4N units are detailed in the following table:

Technical parameters of the SMM 6-4 and SMM 6-4N

Number p/n



SMM 6-4

SMM 6-4N


Capacity m3/hr



Capacity not more than m3/hr


3 Filter Options
– Filtration fineness strainer , um , not more than 25 25



– Filtration filter fineness in microns



4 system pressure, MPa



5 Maximum power consumption, kW


6 Parameters of the electric current
– Voltage, V


– Alternating with a frequency Hz


7 Weight, kg/lbs



The SMM 6-4 and SMM 6-4H consists of several filters mounted on a frame for preliminary coarse and fine filtering.  Depending on the model, as previously mentioned, a complete set can include an oil pump.

Oil passes through the pre filter and is then pumped through one or both branches for filtration. Each branch has both a fine and coarse filter.  The pressure gauges monitor pressure and there are two for each filter.  A pressure gauge is also mounted at the outlet to measure the final pressure.

The GlobeCore SMM 6-4 and SMM 6-4N Mobile Oil Stations are used for cleaning liquids of any kind (not just hydraulic fluids and oils).  The availability of various filters ensures a high level of product purity at the end of the filtering process with improved efficiency and cost effectiveness.  GlobeCore products lead the industry and are the best products to solve all of your oil processing needs.


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