Lightening of used oil by the UVR unit

Several types of transformer oil are produced today. They are distiinguished by raw material used in production as well as the production process. Before filling the electric equipment with oil, it must be treated by heat and vacuum. The existing regulations limit the content of water, air and particulate matter in the oil.

After filling of oil, some reduction of dielectric strenth and purity is allowed.

During operation, transformer oil accumulates contaminants, oxidation products and other undesirable components, which significantly reduce performance of the dielectric. The breakdown voltage and purity do not comply even to the reduced requirements. There is a risk of transformer failure, so used oil must be replaced with new.

What can be done with old oil? Until very recently such oil was disposed of. In practice, this method is not very profitable from the economic viewpoint. The cost of disposal is added to the cost of buying new oil. If the oil is lightened to comply with regulations, its service life can be extended. There is no need to spend money to buy new oil, and the only expense is regeneration, which is much cheaper.

GlobeCore’s UVR units are a good choice. These plants are designed for lightening, regeneration and purification not only of transformer oil, but just about any mineral oil (excluding motor oil). Besides, the units can process diesel fuel and HFO, gas condensate, gasoline, kerosene etc.

The UVR does not require any special adjustment when switching from one type of processed material to another. The unit’s processing capacity may change due to the varying viscosity and density of oil products.

Processing capacity is higher for fuels and lower for various oils.

The UVR does not require special placement, operates without noise and is energy efficient.

The unit can be operated in manual or semi-automatic mode. Operator presence is only required duroing start, stop and sorbent replacement.

The most important part, however, is that the parameters of processed oil fully comply with the existing standards and can be reused in transformers.


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