In Maracaibo they use the Best GlobeCore Equipment

At the end of May 2014, our company carried out the supplying, the adjustment and the start-up of a GlobeCore USB blending system in the city of Maracaibo in Venezuela.

One of the local Maracaibo enterprises needed a model with productivity of at least 18 m3/h.  By the way, Maracaibo is the second most populated city of Venezuela after Caracas (more than a million of people).

What necessitated the USB blending system was the enterprises’ need for a fuel blending unit with the ability to operate with universality.  With this USB unit, manufactured and powered by Globecore, the blending and dissolution of all liquids can be carried out with two to five components.

The system is used for the preparation of multi-component motor fuel blends (including those with vegetable additives), bio-ethanol, as well as for the blending of biodiesel with diesel fuel. Furthermore, the USB system is used for the emulsification and homogenisation of mazut and water-fuel blends.


The distinctive feature of the blending system we manufactured is the use of its injection method and hydraulic shock.  This allows the unit to raise the fuel’s cetane number as well as to prevent its disintegration for at least six months.  Fuel may quickly disintegrate when using the usual blending methods.

The usage of the USB hydraulic blending system has allowed the operators in Maracaibo to:

  • increase productivity (the existing unit adjustments, according to the customer’s needs, can achieve productivity rates of 5 m3/h, 18 m3h, 20 m3/h, 40 m3/h, 60 m3/h or 100 m3/h);
  • significantly shorten the duration of the blending process and achieve a stable output;
  • increase the company’s profitability through the optimal use of the components;
  • decrease labor costs as well as the number of service personnel due to the unit’s automatic processing mode;
  • minimize the idle time of the final product’s transportation.
  • unload the final product directly into fuel tankers, etc.



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