Hydraulic Oil Purification and Filtration Service

During the process of manufacturing hydraulic oils, certain important production regulations are observed.  Before the oil is shipped to the client, the oil’s quality and purity is guaranteed and it should meet or exceed international standards.  When the oil is in transit from the manufacturer to the customer however, it is impossible to avoid some contamination of the oil.  During storage and transit, the fluid can and will accumulate insoluble solid particles, water, and air.  During the oil’s service life, the oil’s performance characteristics will further degrade.  The oil begins to oxidize and it loses its ability to perform its intended job of lubricating, insulating, and transferring heat.

Your hydraulic equipment’s built-in, or stock filtration system is usually quite limited.  And, the cost of adding an optional, or aftermarket, separate filter system can be unreasonably high.  On the other hand, timely filtration of hydraulic oil can help save on the cost of total oil replacement and disposal, as well as extend the service life of your hydraulic equipment.  It is therefore, important to ensure that the hydraulic oil is free from all forms of contamination prior to being placed into service in your hydraulic equipment.

Many years ago, a business required the assistance of skilled experts, additional training and the added expense of procuring several different types oil purification equipment in order to properly maintain their hydraulic equipment.  Today, that situation has changed.  Now there are less expensive and less labor intensive alternatives to hydraulic equipment maintenance.

Here at GlobeCore, our specialists are quite experienced in the development of hydraulic oil purification and filtration systems as well as systems for the purification of heavy duty industrial oils.

GlobeCore has has developed a line of equipment for the regeneration and purification of hydraulic oil.  This line of equipment leads the industry and is quite versatile and works on a wide range of industrial oils and fluids.  One of the most important aspects of an oil purification system is the pre-treatment of the oil to remove the bulk of free water and solids just before beginning the regeneration the process.

GlobeCore purification and regeneration units therefore, are equipped with drying, degassing and multistage filtration systems.  Before the hydraulic oils enter the adsorbent columns for lightening and regeneration, the oil is subjected to high vacuum to remove gas and water and is filtered for removal of particulate matter.  Sorbents are used in the finishing stages of the process and successfully trap the remaining contaminants and remove them from the oil.  This is known as the unique “GlobeCore Process” and it is the most advanced and most cost effective oil purification and regeneration system in the world today.

GlobeCore’s line of UVR plants purify and lighten used oil that has become dark.  It also removes sulfur and hydrogen-sulfuric compounds and easily purifies gas condensate by removing resins and other contaminants.  After the purification cycle is complete, the hydraulic oil is restored and its performance characteristics are like new.

Testing of the purified and/or regenerated oil product shows that regenerated and lightened hydraulic oil meets the highest purity and quality standards.  After the GlobeCore Process,  the oil is much more effective while performing in your industrial equipment.   The process significantly increases your profits, not only by saving on expenses, but also for allowing your hydraulic equipment to operate at full capacity because of the purified high quality oil.

It’s time to get with the Process.  The GlobeCore Process!


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