GlobeCore was a Co-organizer of a Conference Held in Vietnam

In December 2014, GlobeCore, together with Pacific Technology and Equipment Co., Ltd. (PATEK) organized a conference for representatives of the power industry in Vietnam.

The aim of the event was to present the latest developments in the field of purification and regeneration of waste oils.

The representative of GlobeCore, Roman Gluschenko, delivered the report on this topic.  The audience was greatly impressed by the presentation of GlobeCore‘s equipment which was followed by a lively discussion.   Additionally, the laboratory oil regeneration unit was demonstrated to the representatives.

The presentation was so convincing that GlobeCore and the representatives of Vietnam have signed agreements during the meeting in the conference hall.

Here are the photos from the conference:


The participants of the conference are discussing the issues of purification and regeneration of used oils


Oil, processed on GlobeCore regeneration laboratory unit


Contract signature


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