Expert Opinion about the Classes of Hydraulic Oil Purity

Preventive Maintenance to Avoid Corrective Maintenance

Reliable operation of hydraulic equipment, widely used in various industrial facilities, depends mostly on the quality and purity of the internal cooling and lubrication oil.  Industrial machines normally operate under heavy loads and sometimes they operate under very difficult environmental conditions.  Regular maintenance of industrial equipment therefore, can allow maintenance personnel to detect possible equipment malfunctions in a timely manner.  The the essence of Preventive Maintenance is the avoidance of having to perform Corrective Maintenance.

The Problem

The presence of solid particles in oil and hydraulic fluids can quickly degrade the oil and the fluids in your hydraulic equipment.  Also known as particulate matter, among such particles, 70-85% are quartz,  10–15% are aluminum oxide, and  5–10% are iron oxide.  Contamination of hydraulic oil also disrupts the operation of your safety and regulation valves besides causing damage to your hydraulic system.

Although replacing used and/or contaminated oils and fluids is helpful, the complete replacement of oils and fluids is not a complete solution.  That is because the hydraulic system itself is most likely contaminated by metals and sludge.  These “remain behind contaminates” will actually contaminate fresh oil as soon as it is placed into the hydraulic system thereby negating most of the benefits of replacing the oil.  The new oil can also be contaminated during incorrect transportation, storage, handling, and filling of equipment.

Another important point, with regards to your maintenance program, concerns the filtering system of your hydraulic equipment.  The filters built into the hydraulic systems cannot, and do not ensure the required purification of oil circulating in your hydraulic system.

Oil purity class is not an indication of its compatibility with certain industrial equipment types.  Also, a specific purity class cannot give a precise answer as to the oil’s reliable operation.  Equipment loads will always have a direct influence on the rate of degradation of the oil.

The Solution

For reliable operation of hydraulic fluid systems and for the prevention of malfunctions caused by contaminated and degraded oils and fluids, it is necessary to use hydraulic oil purification equipment as part of a comprehensive scheduled maintenance program.

Selection criteria of such systems include consideration of the following attributes: (1) low filtration and regeneration costs; (2) reduction of repair and maintenance costs; (3) high purity level of the processed oil; (4) removal of sludge and contaminants from oil tanks and equipment reservoirs; (5) flexibility through a mobile or stationary design; and (6) compliance with international fire and health regulations.

The Best Solution

In order to provide the hydraulic equipment industry with machines that meet the requirements of the above listed criteria, GlobeCore has developed its line of UVR type units for oil purification and regeneration.  These plants are an efficient one-stop solution for a whole array of filtration and service equipment problems.  One GlobeCore UVR unit on a mobile platform can quickly service several machines regardless of location.  It can easily move around your facility and does not require readjustment for different kinds of oil or equipment.

The use of oil purification and regeneration equipment produced and supplied by GlobeCore increases hydraulic system reliability, reduces your maintenance costs, and extends the service life of your valuable hydraulic equipment.  The GlobeCore Process is a complete regeneration and filtration process and restores your hydraulic oil to its original new specs and reduces the amount of maintenance work and downtime when operating your equipment.

The GlobeCore Process can be used to purify oil before it is placed into your equipment and it can be used to purify and restore your used and contaminated oils and fluids.  GlobeCore equipment is flexible, versatile, reliable, and extremely cost effective.  GlobeCore adds Value to your maintenance program.

It’s time to get with the Process.  The GlobeCore Process!


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