CMM-4D Unit Makes Successful Start in Uganda

In December 2015, GlobeCore employees visited Uganda, where they held a successful commissioning of the new GlobeCore CMM-4D oil degassing unit.
The GlobeCore CMM-4D is designed for the purification of insulating oil by removing mechanical impurities, water, and gases.  Purification fineness is as high as 5 microns, and the processed dielectric liquid can be purified up to the 9th class of purity.  The undoubted advantage of the CMM-4D unit is its versatility and multifunctionality.  In addition to its main purpose, the CMM-4D can also deal with a number of additional tasks that are equally important when it comes to maintenance and repair of electric power transformers:

  • heating of electrical apparatuses with hot oil;
  • vacuum drying of transformers at electricity substation; and
  • vacuumizing of equipment.

For the performance of the aforementioned functions, the GlobeCore CMM-4D unit can be operated in the following modes:

  • oil transfer;
  • warm-up of transformer;
  • heated filtration and thermal vacuum purification of the oil; and
  • vacuumizing of equipment.

It should be noted that the GlobeCore CMM-4D unit is easy to operate and maintain.  It performs consistent processing of dielectric insulating oil.  The built-in safety features and automation of the unit, enhance the reliability and consistency of its performance.  In particular, the unit has the following features:

  • control and visualization of the oil heating temperature;
  • protection of the unit heater from overheating;
  • monitoring of the presence of oil flow through the heater; and
  • adjustment of the oil heating temperature in accordance with the set mode.

If your oil facilities require an efficient and easy-to-use unit for processing insulating oil, then the CMM-4D unit is a perfect choice! You can get a consultation in regards to the selection and purchase of the GlobeCore  equipment by one of the given contacts.


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