A Practical Exercise on Transformer Oil Processing Equipment

Purification equipment for the filtration and degassing of transformer oils are among the most common models used to treat and restore insulating oils and fluids when performance levels have been partially or completely lost.  Oils and fluids, in connection with heavy loads on power transformers and other oil-filled equipment, are subjected to temperature extremes that degrades the performance of the fluids.  The oil is also subjected to and moisture and other contaminants that cause the oils and fluids to age and oxidize putting the oil filled equipment in jeopardy of breakdowns and failures.

The purification of transformer oil by means of mobile filtration equipment is currently quite simple and efficient.  The process consists of cleaning preheated oil taken directly from the transformer tank.  There are various types of filtering systems that include high vacuum, drying and adsorption methods of purification.

If we take for example, the work of one of these units, the oil mobile station, (type HMM) we see that it is designed for mechanical purification, vacuum and heat treatment and removal of moisture content and the unwanted gases found in transformer insulating oil.

GlobeCore Mobile Oil Processing equipment for the filtration of transformer oil is built on a frame with lockable doors.  The unit can be mounted on a frame-tray or on special trailers for movement within the industrial servicing facility.

Standard packaging in mobile purification units include the vacuum vessel, ( the vessel will differ depending on the individual model setup), device management, oil pumps (particularly NSH1 and NSH2), vacuum pump (HB), and a system of pipelines and filters designed for coarse and fine filtering.

A cylindrical oil tank is made of sheet metal and equipped with heaters with electric power of 1.2 kW each.

The units used when processing transformer insulating oil are always equipped with a variety of sensors and controls such as a thermometer to monitor the temperature of the heating process

Full control over the operation of a processing unit is performed by means of the control cabinet where the computerized are housed.  The control cabinet is made  of a durable metal construction and is lockable.  Inside the control panel is where the electrical switchgear is located.  The cabinet contains buttons to control the filtration station as well as lighted warning and signaling devices to alert the operator of any malfunctions.

There are many different types of equipment for the filtration of used transformer oil.  The various filtration systems differ in the number, capacity, amount of energy consumed and the number of processing times for job completion.  The more developed the technology found in the processing equipment, the more sophisticated and cost effective the equipment will be in purifying the oil.

The most cost effective oil purification systems are found in the GlobeCore line of oil processing equipment.  The GlobeCore Process is a complete process of oil regeneration and is the least expensive transformer Service Life Extension Program in the industry today.  It’s time to get with the Process.  The GlobeCore Process!


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