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Industrial Oils and Purification

Industrial oils are used as a lubricant reducing friction and wear of parts and components in various industrial machines.  The main functions of this type of oil is anti-corrosion protection, dissipation of heat from friction parts, removal of contaminants and reduction of foaming.

Industrial oils can also be used as the base for hydraulic fluid, as well as grease, that extends durability and service life of industrial equipment.

Despite the fact that practically all industrial oils are thoroughly tested in laboratories before dispatch to the user, the oils will become contaminated during use and operation.  Industrial oil, just as with any other oil, can become contaminated by atmospheric oxygen, water and particulate matter.  Interaction with aggressive media may accelerate oil oxidation that is accompanied by the accumulation of even more unwanted contaminants in the oil.

Saturation of oil by contaminants degrades the oil’s performance.  Due to aging and contamination,  industrial oils lose the ability to efficiently dissipate heat and protect equipment from corrosion.

It would seem that the aging process is natural and nothing can be done about it except replacing the used oil with new and disposing of the old oil.  A practical operator however, will be concerned by the additional costs of used oil disposal, as well as the frequent cost of oil changes.

Fortunately, aging of oil is not all that critical with the advent of modern additives and oil processing equipment.  The aging process therefore, can be significantly slowed and the service life of the lubricating oil can be significantly extended.

It is however, necessary to regularly take oil samples to know and understand the oil’s condition and to detect and identify the contaminants degrading the performance of the oil and to purify the oil in a timely manner.

GlobeCore is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of industrial, turbine and dielectric insulating oil purification systems.

The CMM-CM type units and  CFU-M filter carts made by GlobeCore are successfully operated in more than 70 countries around the world.  They are efficient for the purification and regeneration of industrial oils.

The ability to purify and regenerate industrial oil was made possible by using modern technologies and maximizing and customizing the processing operations for the individual client.

The CMM-CM units are designed for removal for water and solid particles from oil by using a special zeolite sorbent and subsequent reactivation of this sorbent in the system.

The CFU-M filtration carts are designed for removal of solid particles from industrial oil.  These units can purify the product in one cycle.

Both types are simple in service and operation and facilitate a significant extention of industrial oil service life cycle.

The Transformer Insulating Oil Filtration Process

The dielectric properties of transformer oil (e.g., breakdown voltage or dielectric loss factor) can be significantly improved by degassing and the removal of water and moisture from the oil.  Only clean and uncontaminated oil with the correct specifications is suitable as the liquid insulation for electric power transformers.

Often though, even new and unused transformer oil can be considered unclean and unsafe for use in electric power transformers as the oil can become contaminated during transport from the oil producer to the transformer operator.  During the time the oil is being used in the transformer, it will absorb moisture, dirt particles, fibers, soot and other products of oil and transformer aging.

The transformer oil therefore, needs to undergo a comprehensive filtering process.  The filtering process must be able to remove contaminants that includes solids, free and dissolved water and dissolved gases.

The filtering process of transformer oil is a complex procedure of removing the above described contaminants down to acceptable levels.  In recent studies, experts have revealed that serious problems can occur when insulting oil makes contact with moisture, flammable gases, and other transformer decay products.  In order to make the necessary correction, the operator should regularly monitor the condition of the insulating oils.

Companies that produce equipment for processing transformer insulating oils, cover a wide range of services and products.  They include such things as machinery for filtering transformer oil, insulation oil cleaners, cleaning systems for lubricants, machines to filter hydraulic oil, regeneration equipment for turbine oils and other industrial oil filtering equipment.  In recent decades, there has become a comprehensive network of high-tech enterprises that operate around the world.  They provide integrated systems and parts for the implementation of the transformer oil filtering and regeneration processes.

The transformer oil filtering process is a continuous circulation of oil through purification units in a closed loop system.  The oil passes through several filters of both coarse and fine filter mediums before the system further cleans the oil through a  vacuum drying, degassing and adsorption process.  The process is designed to remove dirt, sludge, foreign particles, dissolved gas and other contaminants found in the oil.  Moreover, the filtering unit can continuously analyze and control the oil at all stages of the purification process.

All systems for filtering transformer oils should have certain safety features built in such as liquid level detectors and pressure sensors.  These safety features should be incorporated into the design of the cleaning equipment.  They are needed in order to maintain the necessary level of oil inside the transformer and to prevent oil spills

The design of filters and pumps should provide for a filtering process, vacuum and degassing process that is powerful enough to quickly and efficiently process oil, without affecting the continued operation of electric power equipment.  Assessment of the effectiveness of the process is provided with tools for monitoring flow rate.

GlobeCore does all of this and more!  GlobeCore has a line of oil processing equipment that has become the most popular and cost effective equipment in the industry.  Take a look at GlobeCore and see if your company can benefit from the GlobeCore Process!

Daria Shaddad Discusses the Seminar’s Program with Jordanian Collegues

The participants at this forum were most interested in GlobeCore’s CMM-R mobile oil regeneration plant.

The CMM-R plant, as part of the GlobeCore Service Life Extension Program, extends the service life of electric power transformers by restoring dielectric strength and chemical composition of the transformer insulating oil.

The main advantage of CMM-R unit is its capability to regenerate insulating oil in the transformer online and while energized.

Other products presented at the forum were the UVM-4/7 line of industrial oil purification plants, as well as the BV vacuum section line of products designed for the removal of various contaminates and gas products from transformers.

During the forum, which lasted for one and a half hours, the participants asked many questions and participated in a discussion regarding the equipment presented.

The Jordanian participants were especially interested in the automatic “sorbent reactivation” technology featured in the CMM-R units, as well as the capability of the CMM-R plants to regenerate silicon oils.