Turbine Oil: Specifics and Price

Turbine oils are used for lubrication and cooling of bearings in steam and water turbines and generators. The importance of this type of oil has increased since they are also used in regulation systems of modern equipment.

Until recently, turbine oil was mostly made from distillates of light oil (predominantly from Apsheronian and Embine oil fields).  Today over htree quarters of all turbine oil is produced from eastern sweet crude.

At this time, the oil industry produces the following turbine oils: Т-22, Тp-22, Тp-22С, Тp-22Su, Тp-30, Т-46 and Тp-46.

When compared to industrial oils, it should be noted that turbine oils are more highly purified.  Hence turbine oil’s higher oxidation stability in high temperature extremes (45°C – 60°C).

Turbine oils have the capability of quick and complete separation from water. Additionally, the initial acid levels and ash content are quite low.  Fresh turbine oil must be free from any contaminants.

If maintained and moitored properly, turbine oil can operate in the system for up to eight years.  In fact, even a longer service life of transformer oil has been recorded.  So what does “proper maintenance” mean in terms of turbine oil?  First and foremost it means constant purity control and periodic monitoring .  This is what really defines the “health” of the entire system.  If the oil contains no harmful contaminants, both the oil and the equipment will function well without failures and/or service interruptions.

The reality however, is that oil becomes contaminated during the operation of the oil filled equipment.  Contaminants may enter turbine oil not only when they are used directly in the oil filled equipment, but also when the system is filled with oil or when the oil is transported.

If the purity of the oil is not compliant with equipment specifications, the oil must be purified immediately before operating the equipment.  Such purification may be performed by the CMM-MT line of units made by GlobeCore.  These modern and indutry leading oil processing units do an excellent job of removing particulate matter, water and gases from the oil.

GlobeCore’s line of mobile units designed for turbine oil purification can operate in four modes: (1) filtration; (2) filtration and heating; (3) thermal vacuum purification; and (4) degassing.

Turbine oils are purified by GlobeCore units using a one cycle thermal vacuum method that results in significantly increasing the service life of the oil and oil filled equipment.

Despite being new and unused, fresh and newly delivered oils must also be controlled in terms of purity, specifications, and performance characteristics. When the oil is delivered, some of the parameters to monitor are:

  • kinetic viscosity;
  • flashpoint;
  • acid number;
  • water extract reaction;
  • deemulsification ability;
  • water and particulate matter content;
  • sodium content; and in some cases;
  • cloud point.

If water or particulate matter is detected, they must be removed by using the GlobeCore equipment described above featuring the GlobeCore Process.

Sampling of turbine oil in operation should be performed by the operator once per shift.  The first thing is to check the oil visually for the presence of water, sludge and particulate matter.  A more detailed analysis is performed by testing the oil for its “acid number.” Additional testing should be performed at least once for the following: water extract reaction, viscosity, flashpoint, water and solid particle content.  If the acid number exceeds 0.6 mh KOH and water is present in the oil, the analysis will be performed every two weeks.  A rapid degradation of the oil’s quality requires an unscheduled analysis.

Why purification of turbine oil is profitable?

The cost of oil varies but can be quite high depending on the actual oil grade.  The prices of a large amount of oil may is quite a significant factor in the cost of maintaining your oil filled equipment.  Additionally, used oil must be properly disposed of in accordance with environmental laws and regulations further increaing your eqipment maintenance costs.  Purification of your oil filled equipment using GlobeCore’s CMM-MT unit, featuring the GlobeCore Process, saves money and eliminates oil disposal costs.   The oil purified with the GlobeCore Process, can be used in the system over and over again many times.  Utilizing the GlobeCore Process will extend the service life of turbine oils and dielectric insulating oils indefinetly.  The oils will far outlast the equipment itself.

It’s time to get with the Process.  The GlobeCore Process!


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